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How To Get Fit Fast Using Your Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are powerful tools that, when used correctly, can be a brilliant aid for motivation.

Thousands of people around the world swear by them, and there’s a reason why!

But like any other tool, they can be much more effective when combined with the right knowledge. So here's some top fitness tech tips to help you turn your fitness tracker into a tool for life, and help you get the absolute most out of it!

Get fit fast using your fitness tracker Dayfit Fitness smartband

Set your own daily goals

Look, doing what you've alway done is just not going to be enough for you to see the change you are looking for. We all know that!

That’s why it’s so important that you first use your tracker for a week, see what your current levels are and then set goals for yourself that would require you to go an extra mile to achieve them.

Even a few more steps a day can make a difference in how well you look and feel!

Create micro-targets

The key to turning your fitness tracker into a tool that will get you results fast is actually quite simple...keep it fun!

Try to create micro-targets you can hit throughout your day. Maybe you can hit your first 200 steps by 8am - few things are as inspiring and energizing as morning walks!

How about another 200 steps after lunch? It’ll not only help improve your digestion, it’ll jolt you back into a state of alertness and give you a much needed energy boost to finish your day with a bang.

And hey, why not end the day with a short walk before calling it a night? Try to schedule last short walk of the day to hit the sunset, this way you can do a powerful presence work (walking meditation) while you enjoy one of the most amazing spectacles nature has to offer…one we’ve mistakenly taken for granted!

Fitness Tracker Dayfit help you get fit fast

Reward yourself

Few things are as powerful to help us change our habits as positive reinforcement. So give yourself a treat every day you hit your goals!

I like to give myself a big reward at the end of the day if I hit all my mini-goals. This can be anything from an extra episode of your favorite show to a glass of wine or even a relaxing bath.

Go crazy with it! And, if you can make your treat something healthy - like a fruit you love - you’ll get twice the results in half the time :)

Regular movements count!

Do you stay in a sitting position for long periods of time?

The bad news is it has proven by several studies that this can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and even certain types of cancer...not to mention the damaging effects it has on your fitness and energy levels!

But the good news is that fitness trackers have made this an easy problem to solve, as they come with handy anti-sedentary reminders that will keep you getting up from chair every hour.

Just a couple of minutes of stretching, jumping up and down or even just walking around are incredibly beneficial for you!

Give these tips a try and you’ll turn your fitness tracker into a powerful tool that will help you break your old damaging habits, build new healthy ones and boost your fitness levels fast!

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