April Fools' Day Fun: Incredible Reasons Why Being Inactive (and Gaining Weight Everyday) is Actually Good for You

Here's a TRUE fact: calorie counters have been invented by the health food industry to make us eat more greens everyday. Let's be honest, why would we eat salad when a burger makes us feel so good and is so tasty ? Their lobby is good, really good... But the truth has finally been revealed! Take a look at this:

Now that you know everything about calories, let's talk about inactivity:

The importance of being inactive

What we have for you is a concept that defies all social conventions. It also makes the argument for why you should never have to move.

The outside world is dangerous!

Think of the way the so-called 'healthy' people treat their bodies... They run, strain every muscle, eat fruits and vegetables, lift weights, burn fat. Too much movement is dangerous for your body we're telling you!

That is why we have introduced our latest invention in the pursuit of idleness:

The anti-Fitness Tracker.

It tracks your movements and rewards points for extended periods of idleness. The lower your movements and heart rate, the higher your score! You get to eat a doughnut after every 1000 points! 

Remember this: the less you move, the healthier you get.

Monitor your growth and success of your initiatives through the anti-Fitness Tracker. Get yours today and you will never have to move a muscle all through your life, ever again!  


PS: april fools' day of course... 

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