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FAQ'S - Kids Safety GPS Tracker

FAQ'S - Kids Safety GPS Tracker

FitShopPro Kids GPS wearable devices address this developing safety market, and provide improved security with low priced peace-of-mind solutions for modern mobile-family.

This GPS tech is incredible. You could be at work in the office or anywhere and pull-up the map on your mobile phone and know where your children are and may be they are safe.

NOTE: this item works worldwide.

Stunning functions of security guard GPS tracker watch.

  • SOS emergency call function, can simultaneously exhale 3 numbers, emergency can press SOS button accurate positioning.
  • Real-time GPS monitoring positioning / base station aided positioning support for single positioning and continuous tracking.
  • Real-time trajectory tracking accurate to seconds.
  • Support SMS / computer platform / mobile client queries, SMS and Internet query location information, Google plane and satellite map.
  • Emergency alarm / alarm / electronic fence / low alarm / history track record, playback.
  • Remote monitoring, high sensitivity of the microphone, you can not disturb the case of the listener monitoring.
  • Edible silica gel. Perfectly safe for your kid, toxin free cooking quality (has been certified).
  • The Kids GPS Watch requires a MICRO SIM card from an operator that supports a 2G Network. In Canada, we recommend FIDO. You only have to insert a MICRO SIM CARD from your local phone company (Only the phone card, no Internet data plan is required, GPS does not need internet to create the signal).
  • You can pair up to 8 Kids Safety GPS Tracker Smartwatch per cellphone.
  • Up to 10 persons can call your kid and you can select.
  • Specifications 

    • Requires a SIM CARD with basic Internet plan from your local phone company. This device operates as a small cellphone. This smart watch will only work with GSM networks: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz. Unlocked for Worldwide use. Please ensure local area network is compatible. CLICK HERE for Network Frequency of your country. Please check with your carrier/provider before purchasing this item.
    • Accessories: USB cable and user manual
    • CPU: MTK 6261 364MHz
    • Display: 0.96  ” OLED 128×64 —-With optional 0.95″ or LCD
    • Operating System: MTK G
    • Language: English,Chinese
    • Color: Red,Green,Blue
    • Product size: 31 X 52 X 11.8mm
    • Light Weight: 122gms
    • Battery: Lithume batter 400mAH, Standby 100 hours
    • Speaker: 8Ω/0.5W speaker x 1
    • MIC: Built-in hi-fi MIC
    • Communication: GSM,GPRS
    • Bluetooth: BT3.0,BT4.0(With optional)
    • Location: GPS,AGPS,LBS,Beidou Positioning(With optional).
    • GPS: GPS MTK3337, 22 channels
    • AGPS: GPRS Class12, location time 26 seconds
    • Physical buttons: POWER ON_OFF Key,SOS button,volume+,volume-

    Package includes

    • 1* Kids Safety GPS Tracker
    • 1* Cable/Plug
    • 1* Manual/Instructions
    • 1* Screw driver


    *I need some help with the SIM CARD Information. Which companies' MICRO SIM CARDS are compatible with this smartwatch?

    This smart watch will only work with GSM networks: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz. It's unlocked for worldwide use. Please ensure local area network is compatible. CLICK HERE for Network Frequency of your country. Please check with your carrier/provider before purchasing this item.

    For Canada these are the companies that have GSM networks:

    • ROGERS/ FIDO/ Dryden Mobility/ Execulink Telecom Inc/ Lynx Mobility Inc/ MTS Inc/ Ruralcom Corporation/ Wightman Telecom Ltd/ TBayTel/ and much more: CLICK HERE

    For United States these are the companies that have GSM networks:

    • AT&T/ Airadigm Communications/ ASPENTA/ Broadpnt/ West Central Wireless/ CTC Telecom Inc/ i Wireless/ Viaero Wireless/ T-Mobile USA/ US Cellular/ West Link Communications/ and much more: CLICK HERE

    For Australia these are the companies that have GSM networks:

    • YES OPTUS/ Telstra Mobile Net/ Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Limited

    For other countries these are the companies that have GSM networks:

    *Is this smartwatch WATERPROOF?

    Kids Safety GPS Tracker is not manufactured to swim with it or to go under the shower. It is made to resist normal water use. Kids can splash it. The USB port is protected for external water. But if it is plunged into it, for long time, water can come in by this plug space. This device was tested under water by our supplier and it continuous to work properly. 

    *****NOTE: We do not guarantee product replacement if plunged into water.*****

    *How do SOS emergency alert works?
    When meet emergency, children can press SOS button for 3 seconds. The Kids Safety GPS Tracker will call family number directly.

    *What is the distance of the electronic fence? How does it works?

    You choose the radius of the safety area for your kid, using the map on the app. The smallest radius of the fence is 500m. Alert will happen when the children are outside the fence, to let you know they can be moving to an unsafe area.

    *How do anti-lost function works?

    When Kids Safety GPS Tracker is activated on the app, it detects children movement. If it falls from children arm, the smartwatch send an alert to your cellphone. The watch
    will ring for 1 minute so that you can find it out.

    Same alert will be sent if someone takes away the Kids Safety GPS Tracker from your kids wrist.

    *How accurate the map localisation is?

    It is a real-time location, depending on your internet connection you can have some seconds of delay.

    *Does it has Health Functions?

    Yes, you can track the amount of steps your kid does in a day with the pedometer function. That will help you know if your kid needs to exercise more to maintain his physical and mental health.

    You can also track sleep quality, and sleep duration. 

    *Is the silicone safe for my kid?

    Perfectly safe for your kid, toxin free it's cooking quality silicone (has been certified).

    *Is this watch is compatible with Android and iOS system?

    Yes it is. You can download Android or IPhone app.

    *How do I download the APP?

    You can download it on this QR code:

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